Who were the bad men in the united states of america at the nineteenth century

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Who were the bad men in the United States of America at the nineteenth century?

Everybody knows the American civil war, when Northern part of America was fighting the South between the year of 1861 and 1865, but not so many have a think, as T. J. Stiles declares, about the “second civil war that took place in the Old West in the nineteenth century”(XVII), where U.S. army fought and razed not only the warriors of the Indians tribes, but also their whole populations, their way of living, did barrier them into reservations and made them dependent on the American government charity. Even though Indians were brutal at times and might have given Americans reasons to resist them, the American government should be held responsible for starting the “civil war”.
First, white people were destroying the culture of Indians. Whites wanted to start Indians to live the way they live. As Stiles demonstrates, “white man in particular was inflexible in demanding that the Native Americans adopt white ways” (42). Particularly the American government wanted them to start farming instead of hunting and getting as much food and resources for clothes as they needed, to see Indians incorporated into white’s society and overproduction culture.

Secondly, Americans were taking away the land from the Indians. First of all, Americans were moving into Indians land despite Indians resistance, because Indian land was rich of good soil and resources, such as gold, oil, coil, wood, which were worth to risking their lives. In fact, according to the Nez Perce, originally their territory exceeded 13, 204, 000 acres. Now their reservation territory does not exceed 800, 000 acres.
Stiles confirms, that in 1850, Congress accepted the Oregon Donation Law, which conceded the right to new settlers to occupy any lands in Indian land, not considering who live there (41). Moreover, American government was misleading Indians when signing treaties with them....