The evolution of chocolate

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The evolution of chocolate

We want to tell you some information about chocolate. We decided to talk about it because of its amazing history and facts of evolution that we all were very interested in. We hope that you will be interested in our presentation as well.

The legends of the birth of chocolate
We would like to start by telling you legends of birth of chocolate. The word “Chocolate” came from American Indians and includes two words: “Choco” that means foam (puta) and “Alt” that means water.
J: Aztecs thought that Cacao seeds came to Earth from Heaven, and that Cacao tree promotes power and cleverness. According to another legend the Mon God stole Cacao seeds from the Suns children country and gave them to people.
Ie: There were some truths in these legends, because chocolate stimulates brain activity and pleasing feelings. And that’s why chocolate is one of the biggest world accepted pleasures.

The history of chocolate
Columbus was the first who has brought coffee-beans to the Europe. Chocolate could be drinkable only by rich and highborn, because he was “drinking money”.
Chocolate was used as a drink for a long time, adding spice and bitter pepper in it. Sugarcanes were used for making sweet chocolate. Spanish monks seasoned chocolate by putting some honey in it.
Spain became empire of chocolate and recipes of this drink were protected in monasteries for more than 100 years. Only in the middle of XVII century houses of chocolate were opened in London. Since then, it was drunk not only by males, but women and children could enjoy sugarcoated drink too.
Chocolate became more available, because of other European countries fighting with Spain monopoly of cocoa. Soon French, English, Dutch have started cultivate cacao-trees, at the colonies of their own. Chocolate became more available for Europeans, Americans, because of declining prices, while...