The differences in communicating between people of different age gender and occupation

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The Differences in Communicating between People of Different Age, Gender, and Occupation


An ability to communicate without experiencing any difficulties is essential for building successful and easy life. Both professional and private individual’s lives depend on the way one manages to communicate. Almost every employer thinks highly of somebody who is communicative, especially if one’s duty is to deal with other people. What is more, communicative person’s private life is much easier because of having no retardations in establishing relations with other people. Moreover, because of having remarkable communicative skills one finds it easy to persuade other people. Thus, communicative speakers can much easier and faster reach their aims. The way speakers communicate ‘has something to do with their social position or level of education’ (Crystal 1992:38). In addition, age and gender play an important role in people’s communicating. In other words, the way individuals communicate is affected by the particular social group one belongs to.

People who identify themselves as members of a social group (family, neighborhood, professional or ethnic affiliation, nation) acquire common ways of viewing the world through their interactions with other members of the same group. These views are reinforced through institutions like the family, the school, the workplace, the church, the government, and other sites of socialization throughout their lives. Common attitudes, beliefs, and values are reflected in the way members of the group use language – for example, what they choose to say or not to say and how they say it (Kramsch 1998:6).

Nevertheless, this paper will be dealing with the concrete differences in communicating of the particular social groups. What is more, the paper will present the factors which make the speech of various speakers dissimilar. In addition, the way particular speakers express their solidarity and distance to concrete social groups will be presented too.

One of the most important functions of language variation is to enable individuals to identify with a social group or to separate themselves of it. The markers of solidarity and distance may relate to family, sex,...