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Our taste in music is personal. One of us likes one type of music, others likes different. One likes classical, rock, pop music, others likes progressive music. Some people say that music can harm or heal, I think music can’t harm anyone and anything. In any case I didn’t hear that music harm human behavior or mindset, unless the man is affected alcohol or drugs. Conversely, I think music can heal. It’s consolable, and it’s helps when you are tired of something. Sometimes music is entertaining, when you are in the sulks it’s upraises. I prefer house music, because it’s make me feel good, relaxed, and very liven at the parties. Anyway, I like half every kind of music, except pop music. I like many singers, and many groups, but best those, who had became popular deservedly. For example: Sting, Bryan Adams and many others. I don’t have my one favorite singer or favorite group. One of the group I like much, is “Evanescence”. Some people say that their style belongs to dark rock or Christian rock, I can’t understand how Christianity has something to do with that kind of music, some labeling them as metal or gothic metal band. In my opinion they are playing nice rock music, which at times is very heavy but still nice. The lyrics of this group are really powerful, sometimes melancholic, which one moment are bitter, and next moment uplifting. The group consists of vocal, piano, guitar, lead guitar and drums. At the moment I haven’t seen any concert of this...