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The topic of my speech is social affair. Firstly I would like to talk about global warming. Although our climate is good enough, global warming is a very dangerous thing, because the polar ice caps consist of million of tones. So if it melts, it would be a very big problem, because now water about 70 % of earth and if the level of water would raise it depends that a lot of countries will be under water, in spite of this our climate will change a lot.
Secondly I want to talk about pollution. A lot of factories throw out lot’s of smokes, waste water and lot’s of other polluted things, it depends that air pollution is one of the most polluted things. Air pollution has been a problem since the beginnings of the industrial revolution. For many years man as vast rubbish dump has used the sky, whereas there are laws in a lot of countries, which limit the amount of smoke, which factories can produce. Air pollution causes forest decline, increases radiation and erosion of soil. It badly affects health by producing nose, eye and throat irritations, headache and lots of diseases.
Water pollution is a very serious thing too although without water can’t live nobody. Our body consists of 70 % of water and it depends that we need 1.5 litter water per day to survive.
Also I want to talk about recycling. Recycling is the processing of used objects and materials although sometimes it can be used again. A lot of countries have...