School education

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Anglu rasinys education in school. Anglu rasinys education in school.

School education:
General secondary education is provided at triple level, twelve-year general education schools. One or more levels, i.e. primary: forms 1-4 (age 6/7 to 10/11); lower secondary: forms 5-10 (age 10/11 to 16/17); and secondary: forms 11-12 (age 16/17 to 18/19) can form an independent establishment. The Ministry of Education and Science regulates the length of the academic year. Other types of general education schools include gymnasiums and international baccalaureate schools. Gymnasiums provide an in-depth specialized general education and set higher requirments for pupils. They usually have forms 1-4 consisting of pupils in their 9-12 school years. Lithuanian gymnasiums specialize in the Humanities (Classical and/or Contemporary Languages and Social Sciences), Practical Arts (Natural Sciences, Technology and Economics) and Fine Arts (Art and Music). Gymnasiums offering these specialities have a four-year curriculum. Pupils must have completed the eight grades in a general education school. Fine arts gymnasiums offer a 6- to 9-year curriculum. Graduates of secondary education, after passing the Maturity examinations, are awarded the Maturity Certificate which gives access to higher education. Thos who complete secondary education but do not take the Maturity examinations are awarded a Secondary School Graduation Certificate.General secondary education is also offered in appropriate vocational schools. Adults can acquire a general education at adult general education schools (training centres) and adult departments (classes) at general education schools. Pupils undergoing treatment in sanatoriums can acquire a general education at the sanatorium's own general education school. Special schools are devoted to children with special needs. Child welfare establishments for educating learning-impaired children are also attached to these schools. Youth schools provide initial work skills and a general education for those having trouble adapting to...