Personal interpretation of if you re gone by matchbox 20

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Personal Interpretation of "If You're Gone" by Matchbox 20
This lyric poem is a comment on the difficulties a couple faces when one partner doesn't want to try to work things out, and the other does. The tone is serious and frustrated.
Not much is indicated about the speaker of the poem other than it is a person in a relationship that appears to be on the brink of a break up. The speaker in the poem is speaking to their partner. The gender of the speaker is somewhat irrelevant, as the situation, or point of view of the speaker, is not gender specific. From listening to the lyrics, however, one is likely to assume that the speaker is male, as the lead vocals are performed by Rob Thomas. I accept this assumption, and for the purpose of simplicity will apply that gender association in my interpretation.
I think the theme of the poem is that there will be problems in a relationship if people aren't willing to give to the relationship emotionally. Line 9 in the song, "I think you're so mean - I think we should try", tells us the speaker is willing to work at the relationship, but his partner is "mean" because she isn't. Also, when the speaker says, "I know this is wrong, it's a problem, I'm dealing" (line 2), we see he's willing to deal with whatever issues he may have in order to make the relationship work.
I think the title of the poem is significant in revealing the problem in the relationship. The title is "If You're Gone" which implies that the speaker's not sure if his partner is really gone. This leads me to believe he's speaking on an emotional level rather than a physical one. His girlfriend hasn't left him yet, but she has left the relationship emotionally. The boyfriend is asking her to come back to the relationship when he suggests she, "come home" (line 13).
I like this song for a variety of reasons. First, I like Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas' voice. Second, I like the ideas behind the song and connect to it personally. I've been in...