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Dear john rasinys. Dear john rasinys.

Minties st. 75 – 12

5 December

Dear John ,

Thank you for your letter. It was really nice to hear you. I received it last month. Sorry that I haven’t replied before, because I am still working for my exams.

In two weeks you will be with me. How amazing. I can’t believe it that you are from England and you will come to small country like Lithuania. I and my family are waiting you when you will come here very much. I am sure you will like my family very well. I agree with you that it would be great to get together.

My family is very friendly, sweet and warm. We all like active sport, cinema, and basketball. But there is a problem. My family don’t understand English language except me.

We live in Vilnius, a capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is the biggest city in Lithuania. In 2009 it will be Europe culture centre.

I am sixteen years old. I have brown eyes and brown hairs. I like wearing casual clothes, so I usually wear jeans, jumper. I am a schoolchild in Tuskulenai secondary school. I like football, cinema, Internet, listening music, mainly basketball.

We have lot of things to do. Firstly, we will go to see basketball match, because everyone of us like basketball. Afterward, I know a good place to go for something to eat of Lithuanian food.

Hope to hear from you soon. I am waiting for your letter. I hope very much to improve my English while I will be...