Laundry and dry cleaning

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Laundry is very convenient for those who are always in a hurry and don't have enough time (or conditions) to do it at home. People can carry their dirty clothes to laundry or launderettes which are usually coin-op, the ones when you can put money and wait while the machine does everything for you. And meanwhile you just can read a magazine or do whatever is important to you.
Laundry can be done to the biggest part of materials and textiles. However, each has its own needs and has to be cleaned with some kind of rules. So it's really important to know how to clean clothes and not make them worse. In the laundry each item passes through at least six stages before final inspection.A comprehensive service for all fine table linen, formal starched evening wear, commercial, personal and household laundry. All articles are folded and packed by hand. Careful grading ensures that delicate items and those with lace and gathered edge trims are hand finished. There are lots of laundries and launderettes and of course there is a big rivalry among them all. So as a rule every company tries to attract visitors and offers low prices and good service. Furthermore, good service needs good equipment. The most important are topload washers, double load washers, ironing, and pressing machines; laundry chemicals as well as extra-large capacity washers.
Laundries and launderettes are comfortable too because if you have any other thing to do at the same time, you can take clothes to the laundry, get a token and return only when everything's done. But if you have enough time you can have a good time in some laundries which supply even some kind of entertainment such as snacks, juices and sodas are available for sale at customer service counter. There are alsoseveral televisions and games in the laundromat to keep you entertainedwhile you wait. And even tanning beds!
Coin-operated (coin-op) laundry facilities are located in each residence hall building. The cost for washers is...