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Isaac Newton

Early Years

The great English scientist Isaac Newton was born in the little village of
Woolthorpe, not far from the old university town of Cambridge, on December
25, 1642. His father, a farmer, died before his son’s birth. Little Isaac
was left to the care of his mother, uncle and grandmother who sent him to
In his early years young Isaac shone more as one who could make things
with his hands than a scholar. His neighbors watched him making various
things and thought ho would probably become a well-known clock maker. There
was ground for thinking thus became he had already made a clock of a kind
which his neighbors had never heard of before. It worked by water. Besides
the water-clock, Isaac also made a sundial. His grandmother was never at a
loss to know the hour; for the water-clock could tell it in the house, and
the sundial outside. It is said that the sundial is still at Woolthorpe, on
a wall of the house where Newton lived.
When he grew older, however, he took a considerable interest in
Though Isaac Newton never lost his manual skill his ability as a
mathematician and a physicist was the most important in his life. According
to Newton himself, his first physical experiment was carried out in 1658,
when he was sixteen years old. Wishing to find out the strength of the wind
during a storm, he jumped against and before the wind and by the length of
his jump he could judge the strength of the wind. Thus, even in his boyish
sports, he was searching out the secrets of nature and could find out
difficult things in simple ways. His brain was always busy observing
different phenomena of nature.

[pic] Earth mass

Not far from his grandmother’s home there was a windmill. When the
windmill was not working he examined the mechanism and when the windmill
worked he watched the process of its work. Then he made a model of the
windmill; every part of the mill and its machinery was complete.
If Isaac was left to himself, he was either making something’s or studying
some book. At night he looked up at the stars, and wondered if they were
worlds like our own, and how great their distance from the earth...