How children rights changed through the history

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From ancient times children were separate part from peoples comunity.
They had exlusive rights and duties , which changed during ages and
ages . In diferent nations and diferent groups of people they were
diferent too , though the times were the same . Even in the same
nation children rights were equally respected , and violated. For
example in ancient Egypt one of the pharaohs ordered to kill all male ,
new-born jewish children , because he thought , thst the jewish
(hebrew) people became more powerful than they , egyptians were.
According to the Bible , he said unto his people:
Behold , the people of Israel
are more and mightier than we.
And he said , When ye do the office
of a midwife to the hebrew women ,
and see then upon the stools ;
if it be a son , then ye shall kill him :
but if it be a daugter then she shall live.
Of course , it was the roughest breaking of children rights. But in the
same country , almost at the same time , small - agged prince
Tuthanchathon sat on the the throne . His aunt wanted to occupy the
throne herself , that means to break his , as pharaoh_s child_s and
throne heir_s, rights,but this time child_s rights
defence worked realy strongly , because Tuthanchathon was an egyptian ,
not jewish child , and , of course , pharaoh_s son.
The same kind of violation of children rights was in Sparta - they
killed children too , but this time - for another reason. From five
years age spartians took their male children to the military trainings.
And if a child was too weak for such trainings , they killed him.It_s
a strict breaking of child_s rights , because children can_t chose ,
what physical or mental shape will they born.
But the times were changing , so the attitude towards children...