Flora and fauna in lithuania

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Referatas- trees. Fauna referatas. Referatas- trees. Fauna referatas.

Lithuania is a very beautiful country. It is very rich with many plants and animals. But of course we must save what we have. The most beautiful part of nature is our thick forests. They cover 27,9% our all territory.
So we can admire our woods. But they are not like they were 5 or 6 hundred ago. Then our forests were just inpassable and full of different animals. But many people have cut these beautiful woods and now we have only 18,000 separate plots. But now when people understand the threat of extinction and many organisations plant new pine forests. But as trees grow very slow we can see these new-planted forests only after some time.
38,1% of all wooded area are pine forests, 20,7% fir forests and 21,1 birch groves. Also we have such beautiful trees as alders, ashes, asps, limes, maples, poplars and oaks. These trees usually grow separately form others or in mixed woods. They occupy the rest wooded-territory. But of course many of them grow in cities and separately from others and singly, especially oaks. But sometimes we can find a beautiful and also dreary oak-grove. These groves were honoured in till the 14th century by the pagans and are admired now. They are the symbol of the strenght of Lithuania.
Lithuania’s woods are rich in mushrooms and berries. Many people like gathering them. It is quite popular in Lithuania. Lithuanians gather raspberries, wild strawberries, cranberries and billberries.
Lithuania is very beautiful with its running rivers...