Education is very important

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Why is education important rašinys. Why is education important rašinys.

Education is very important for all people. I think that the government schould give priority to education, because it is very important. If a lot of people would be more educated the scale of state would be superior.
Firstly, the government should do, that the study be free. Nowadays there are people who haven`t enough money to study in university. If study be free more people could have qualification.
Secondly, the government should creat more works. If there be good works people didn`t go works in other countries.
Last but not least, the government should to secure childrens in school. A lot of time children spend in school. I think it`s that they feel safe because if children didn`t feel safe they didn`t want go to school. Also they marks are bad so they wouldn`t go to university in the future. If they would not go to university, they would not have good qualification.
I think that all people want to have a qualification but not all have enough money to study at university. I think that the government should solve this...