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All the people over the world strive for knowledge, but the ways for it are very different.
The American system of school education differs from the system in other countries. There are state public schools, private elementary schools and private secondary schools in the USA. Public schools are free and private schools are fee-paying. Each state has its own system of public schools.
Americans take great pride in their schools, and want their children to have the best possible education. There are more than 57 million students enrolled in schools and universities. New methods of instruction that encourage children to develop their creative abilities are being devised and tested in schools. Today there is a strong emphasis on science, mathematics and foreign languages, and an effort is being made to broaden the students’ knowledge of other peoples and cultures. Television and motion pictures are widely used in teaching. More effort is being made to guide young people into careers suited to their talents and abilities.
The federal government pays little attention to schools. Elementary education begins at the age of six, when a child goes to the first grade (form). At the age of sixteen schoolchildren leave the elementary school and may continue education at one of the secondary schools or high schools, as they call them. The program of studies in the elementary school includes English, Arithmetic, Geography, History of the USA, Natural sciences and, of course,...