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In today’s fast-moving world education becomes more and more important to people. All individuals have equal opportunities to learn in Lithuania. However, not all of them understand the importance of education and the opportunity that is given to them.
Education is compulsory in Lithuania. Children start attending school at 6-7 years of age. The total duration of general school education is 12 years. Individuals can learn in a school or in a gymnasium. Pupils must have completed the eight grades in a general education school if they want to learn in a gymnasium. Gymnasiums provide an in-depth specialized general education and set higher requirements for pupils. They usually have forms 1-4 consisting of pupils in their 9-12 school years.
In Lithuania, higher education establishments provide study programmes of varying length and levels. The institutions are of two types: Universities and colleges. Colleges that admit individuals with a maturity certificate provide high non-university education. Studies at colleges, where the theoretical studies are combined with professional practise, last 3-4 years. In universities you can obtain a degree of Bachelor’s after 4 years of studying. Bachelor is the first academicals degree, which shows that a person has high education and the main background of selected studies. People must collect not less than 160 credits – and that means 6400 hours. These studies are finished with exams or final bachelor work. Also People can...