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Drugs: causes, consequences, effects, users
Mankind has been familiar with drugs since very early times. Drugs were first of all related to every day or religious customs and traditions in the areas where the narcotic plants grow.

Lithuania has no deep drug traditions. Poppies, cannabis were used as plants in culinary and the names of them can be found in Lithuanian folklore. Today we have nearly forgotten this and the first thought that comes to our minds after the names of the plants are mentioned is drugs. In recent years not only poppies or cannabis, but amphetamines, LSD, “ecstasy”, heroine and cocaine have also become popular in Lithuania.
Drug addict categories and drug taking motives
It is impossible to explain the drug phenomenon plainly, seeing that there exist a great variety of reasons, a wide assortment of drugs, different ways and rates of using them and other factors. Speaking of drug taking motives it is useful to distinguish certain groups. Drug addicts can be differentiated between “adults” (the average age is 24) and “teenagers”. According to the rate of drug consumption another two groups - “experimenters” and “permanent users” can be singled out.
The causes of drug taking have been investigated since the middle of the nineteenth century, but the general conception has not been formed yet. Literature presents a variety of motives for drug taking: the possibility to “push real problems aside” and experience a feeling of happiness, emotional discomfort, young people protests against existing norms, curiosity, unfavorable family conditions, disharmony, inability to bring one’s plans into being, high requirements, group influence, ignorance of drug taking consequences.
There are macro and micro causes of drug taking. Macro causes are new social economic conditions. . A considerable part of Lithuanian people has experienced failure, as they had not created a strategy suitable for new...