Different ways of travelling

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We all know travelling gives us lots of joy, experience and adventures. Everyone likes to travel, but everybody does it in different ways. It depends on many things such as money, time, health and other things. Mainly travels are of long and short distance.
Well, the most popular ways to travel abroad are by plains, trains, ships and buses. The most comfortable and quickest way to travel is by air. Also flights are the most expensive way to travel. But it’s essential for going to some far countries or across an ocean. If you don’t have much money you can still travel abroad by bus, train or your own car. Travelling by train is very preferable, because it’s both cheap and pretty fast if it’s a through train. Moreover while sitting in a comfortable compartment you can watch a view of the whole countryside. Also you can have something to eat or drink in a restaurant-coach. However railway is rarely used for long journeys. Coaches are the cheapest transport, but it’s very uncomfortable for tours. The last but not the least types of travelling are voyage and cruise – going somewhere by sea or along a river. Travelling by ships is probably the best way to relax, get away from routine and get some fresh air and have romantic time. Still there’s one disadvantage of getting seasick, especially if the weather’s rough. To conclude, the most important thing for travelling abroad is to have a passport and enough money despite the way you travel.
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