Dangerous animals

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Should people be allowed to keep potentially dangerous animals?
Every year, a variety of sources provides millions of animals to the exotic or potentially dangerous pet trade. It is absurdly easy to obtain a dangerous animal. More than 1000 Internet sites offer to sell, give care advice, and provide chat rooms where buyers and sellers can haggle over a price. Sometimes these animals endanger not only the keeper, but his relatives, neighbours or passer by.
First of all, not every person fully understands what the wild animal is. It never will be fully domestic. Every animal is kind and lovely alive toy while being juvenile. But, from its becoming adult the wild instincts begin to display more and more often.
Secondly, dangerous animals often are kept not in a proper accommodation. The keeper not always wants to keep his wild pet isolated by glass or lattice. Lots of big animals, such as alligators, tigers are allowed to walk along the entire home. Sometimes even scorpions or tarantulas can easily escape their terrariums.
At the same time, a person, possessing the dangerous animal, always is an interesting companion. He sees his animal not as ugly killer. It is his life companion with very interesting character.
Even though, people, possessing the dangerous animals are closer to every part of nature. They worship every alive creature and see it as the viceless one to compare with humankind. The animal never attack causelessly or in order to have fun.