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Anglu rasinys daily life. Daily life rašinys. Anglu rasinys daily life. Daily life rašinys.

Daily life

It’s common knowledge fact that everyone’s daily life depends on our life style, age, occupation and many other things. For some of us life becomes a routine, for others every day is different. So in this topic I would like to scrutinize daily life for different people.
It’s essential to state that the primary fact which makes the biggest influence for our daily life is age. Firstly I would like to view in a pupil age group daily life. They have almost fully planed day: half of the day they spend at school, another half they need to dispense to homework, rest, entertainments, household tasks and so on. When we go deeper into it, we can see that the only free time that pupil has is weekends and holidays. So we can say that one hasn’t almost any individual daily life. It’s almost the same for the students. Secondly I would like to talk about another age group, which could be called “real life“. The daily life of this age group depends on one’s occupation or life style.
Well, most of us will create a family, get a job and try to make normal life. Then your daily life will change a lot, you will have to take care of your children, earn money, and keep your flat. Your life will get more difficult, because you’ll get more responsibility.
As I imagine our daily life will begin from a cup of strong coffee. Then we’ll need to help our children to get up for the school, go to work and to be not late. When we come back home we’ll...