Circle of the seasons

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Summer (June, July and August) is a relaxing time when the Brithish make the most of the warm sunshine. Nothing can be more pleasant that a leisurely picnic in the heard of the countryside, a peaceful cruise down the river or for the more active a hike along our dramatic coastline. Pub gardens and pavement cafes are hives of activity and long summer evenings are perfect for barbecues or perhaps a stroll along the beach.
The summer solstice and mid – summer’s day are marked by varios special celebrations. In some parts of Scotland, Cornwall and Northumbria mid – summer fires are lit, as in pre – Christian times when this ritual was performed to give strength to the sun and drive out evil.

In autumn (September, October and November) the Britihs landscape assumes a breathtaking beauty. Woodlands take on a vivid hue as the tre turn from green to fiery oranges and reds, golden field of corn sway in the breeze and the purple magnificence of the heather on the moors is quite stunning. This is an ideal time for brisk country walks in the crisp autumnal air.
Autumn is harvest season and once the crops have been gathered rural communuties celebrate with harvest festivals. Churches are decorated with flowers, fruit and wheatsheavws. Hallowe’en (October 31) is a night of traditional fun and games as children duck for apples and light pumpkin lanters to ward off witches and evil spirits. November 5 is Guy Fawkes night when the...