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Borderless Lithuania’s community

Nowadays people are talking more and more about the world without countries, states and restrictions of movement – the Borderless World. We Lithuanians also talk about such life but we got many problems in our own country to solve before we can become a part of such project.
Let’s look to our communion. Sometimes people don’t even know names of their neighbor’s not talking about their lives and problems. We have borders in our relation ships what makes expression of feelings more difficult. Lithuanians don’t prefer frequent outgoings and public entertainment. They prefer sitting at home with their families and eating special meals. Does it have to be so? No. We should make more acquaintance as Greek people do. They are not so shy, they can show and share their happyness with everyone met. This is the main thing that we should moralize and understad. We can’t just talk about borderless world if we can’t solve such problem. What to do? If we will just talk and take no actions nothing will change. We already know why we have to do this so let’s act. The beginning is today. After my speech you’ll have to look around and see who needs your help and support, who asks for good or funny word. We all have to do something that Lithuania changed. Let’s not just go down the street thinking: “Oh, the life is boring” or “homework all day long”. No, exchange our smiles and say “Hi” to everyone met. That’s...