Beeing a dj becoming one

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What does music do for you? Why do we listen to music? Music to me goes beyond the instruments, vocals, and notes that it=s created from. There are several forms of music, ranging from pop, jazz, techno, hip-hop; even music written from other cultural backgrounds. Imagine yourself in a club environment; music is so loud that you can feel it pulsating through the floors. People surround you, all who react different to the music that echoes throughout the small confined space you=re in. Some are dancing endlessly, while others seem to be intrigued by the way the music filters through their body. Lots of people in the younger generation are interested in becoming a Deejay, becoming that artist. They want to know what=s involved in being a deejay and that=s what I will attempt to expose to my reader.

The formal definition of deejay or dj, is disc jockey. A Deejay is not your typical nine to five worker who wakes up goes to work and waits for the promotion. The Deejay is an artist, a music artist. His art is music. He creates sound, and has the ability to transform the atmosphere on the dance floor. The music he projects makes people want to dance, and forces them to love music and everything connected to it. A good day of work for a deejay would be if he felt the audience was satisfied. Did they truly feel the music that was pieced together? Did it make them dance, and did they feel the emotions that he was trying to contact? A deejay can work with a variety of music, but my focus is mainly from a trance/techno point of view. The different beats and noise variations are unlimited. Most importantly how these variations are put together is where the Aart@ in deejaying comes into play. The same approach that a painter would take to paint portrait is taken with the development of different music. You start from scratch, with a base that is completely empty. Just like a picture, you must add all elements to make it all blend together. The music you choose and...