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Anglu rasiniai argumentative. Anglu essay healthy. Anglu rasiniai argumentative. Anglu essay healthy.

The suicide for terminally ill people should be allowed

Should be allowed for people to commit suicide if they are terminally ill? Yes,

because this is their life and only they can decide what to do with their life such as live

longer or commit suicide. People who feel unhappy, sick and suffer pain or fell they are

load of care should be able commit suicide.

People who ill or are healthy, feel that they are a load of care and do not want to live

longer and be burden. They know when they are burden because sometimes their family

or friends say that they are burden. And the other reason how they understand that they

are load is others people do all things instead of them. And who do this job do not have

time themselves. If that people do not say for ill people that they are burden for them,

they still think that they are burden.

Their lives are their lives so they can do with it what they want. Sometimes healthy

people commit suicide because they feel unhappy and unloved. Through people fault they

are given a push to commit suicide. Another reason is they are out of luck. So if they are

unsuccessful, the only thing that they can do is to commit suicide. The last reason is that

they do not want live longer without reason.

People who are in coma and always suffer pain wonder why they cannot...