Are tattoos just a matter of beauty

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Are Tattoos Just a Matter of Beauty
Nowadays it is becoming very popular to decorate one’s body somehow. They have the option of either body piercing or getting a tattoo. To tell the truth, I am also one of those people who are interested in getting a tattoo. But after I read some articles on the Internet and heard stories about it, I am almost ready to change my mind. There are reasons for and against getting tattoos.
The most interesting fact is that not only teenagers get tattoos but people over 30 and older also. The majority of tattoos that cover almost all of the body or a larger part of it are done to punks, rockers and others artsy people. Most people are satisfied with smaller tattoos that cover only a part of their hand, leg, back, stomach, or other part of the body. People are very imaginative about where to place the tattoo. Some may want to have them done on their tongue, lip, or even in the intimate places.
So, the first possible reason why someone would get a tattoo is to express themselves. They consider that getting a tattoo is suitable for them and they can either choose the tattoo from a catalogue or draw it themselves. By drawing their own picture, they can express themselves better because they themselves are depicting what they want to truly express. These drawings can be of anything because there is no boundary on one’s imagination.
In addition, sometimes tattoos symbolize something. One can get it done to mark a special event, to remember someone or to honour someone they love. Sometimes people tattoo their lover’s name on their body to show how much they love them. But this is not advised by masters of tattooing and is not very popular because the love object might change anytime. Also a lot of tattoos are done in remembrance of a loved one or close friend that has passed away.
Another reason is that people like being the centre of attention, to stand out in the crowd, and to be proud of the painting that they have...