Are holidays abroad popular in our country what countries are the most popular among lithuanians to go on holiday on summer winter why

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My winter holiday rasinys. My winter holiday rasinys.

Nowdays it becomes more and more common to trevel somewhere on holidays. One kind of people like to travel around their one country, other like to go abroad. People use variuos means of treveling, for instance traveling on foot, by car, by bus, by train, by plane or even with cruise. Now I’m going to express my oppinion about traveling overseas.
First of all, going abroad it’s quite expensive and far from it not everyone in Lithuania can affort such trips, because average salary is too low. As a result, a lot of people choose our famous beach near Baltic sea or country tourism. But there is a acceptable solution if we want to go abroad, because we can buy a trip abroad on the instalment plan.
People like to travel no matter what season is: in wintes, spring, summer and autumn. Bus especialy they like to treavel in summer and winter. The most popular countries than lithuanians choose to visit in summer are GB, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Monaco, Liuxembourg, Greece, few islands like Sardinia, Hawaii, Majorca. Usually people are fond of relaxing in beaches near the warm sea. In winter people are very keen on skiing abroad is countries like Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland and others. Tis kind of recreation is as expensives as extremely dangerous, so after first time when skiing one group of people give up it and other fall in love forever. Frankly speaking, I am fond of traveling abroad, of course with my family, because I couldn’t afford it myself. I...