Are final exams really stressful

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Exam rasinys. Exam rasinys. Exams rašinys. Exams rašinys.

Are final exams really stressful?

Every year a lot of 12 formers finish schools by taking the exams. Year by year they are getting harder to get threw. I believe that exams are not a very good way to check the knowledge of a student for a variety of reasons.
In the first place, exams are too stressful for students. The thing that they will show your knowledge gives a lot of fear. Students fear to be bad at them. You can be a very intelligent man, but in the exam you can make stupid mistakes. Every student can make mistakes, we are all humans. And no one is insured from making mistakes.
In addition to this every year exams are getting more difficult. People, who make them, try to do such test, that it could check the main base of your knowledge. I think that it’s impossible, you can’t remember everything.
On the other hand it’s very comfortable for your admission to university. You don’t need to take other test’s to prove your knowledge. You just show the result’s of the schools exams.
Furthermore you can decide which exam to take. No one can make you take exams which you don’t want to. You’re free to choose any subject, except Lithuanian language. It’s the only exam which you have to take.
In conclusion, I believe that there are much other good way’s to check students knowledge. Even the certificate, why is it bad? There are all the marks of the year. I hope that the system in the future will get better, and it will be...