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Lithuania is the centre of Europe. It’s located near the Baltic sea which you can see on the photos which are in my profile. The territory of the country covers 65.300 km. Approximately ¾ of the country’s territory consists of lowlands and plains. But in my opinion the landscape is attractive with undulating terrain in the northeast and west. From ancient times, Lithuania was alluded to as the land of lakes and forests. The average mean temperature in July is about +17C and in January it’s only about -4C. So we always have some snow on our Christmas day.

Talking about people Lithuania is the most ethnically compact Baltic State. About 90% of all inhabitants are Lithuanians. We all talk in our native Lithuanian language but not in Russian as a lot of foreigners think. Hearing our language for the first time, foreigners frequently say it sounds as if it were being chanted, not spoken.

Even today, Lithuania has a proportionately large percentage of rural population: 33% of the population lives in the rural areas. A lot of Lithuanians emigrate to other countries because of a pretty bad economy. Salaries are very little and the cost of living very high comparing with salaries. Lithuanians are not ethnographically uniform. The nation is comprised of four major ethnic groups, who historically had existed within their own areas. Talking about characters, most of Lithuanians are inclined towards reserve, the family hearth and stubborn labour. As I said...