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Everyone wants to live clean, nice and tidy. We like to look at somewhere and say: “What a niece place! How wonderful! Just like in heaven!”. But what are we doing to make the surrounding like this? To my mind just nothing… On the contrary – we do much more to destroy our environment. Living conditions in the world are getting worse and worse. Exhaust fumes and smoke from factories are polluting the air, trees are cutting down, and streets are full rubbish and grime. Furthermore rivers are being polluted by chemicals from factories too. In my view there are some solutions to these problems.
First of all I would like to point out that the littering is the most important problem in today’s society. However recycling helps us to liquidate the littering. As well as I know it reduces waste and is good for environment. For example plastic is the hardest material to recycle, because there are so many different kind of it. At the moment 2 percent of the plastic is recycled. Metal is another important material. Moreover it is easier to recycle. It is also cleaner and cheaper and uses not much energy. Metal is 100% recyclable and can be recycled hundred of times.
Secondly very huge problem is too many cars in the cities. People are buying and buying cars as it very comfortable and save our time. However we don’t know how exhaust gas can harm our health and especially polluted the air. We should improve public transport and ban cars from the city centre. As a result we can enjoy cleaner air and fewer health problems.
Animals are our friends. Like we have our motherland they also want to have and live in their habitat. How can we help them? The answer is clear. We must stop cutting down trees. Everyone who had cut the tree must plant the new one. In addition to this very useful will be to put stricter fines.
To sum up we must take care of our surrounding, environment and nature, because we are the part of it. There are many solutions to all problems, but much depends on us. The sooner we put them into practice, the better our life will become.

It is important for everybody to study foreign languages. There are many reasons for it. We need a foreign language when we traveling abroad or for reading foreign materials, for business communication, for corresponding with our friends, and for culture spheres. However, when working on computer and using the Internet you must know English perfectly.
My native language is Lithuanian. It is the one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. Our language is difficult for foreigners to learn, because it has a countless number of grammar rules. But there are a lot of foreigners who are eager to learn it. It’s very strange that some...