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I am going to speak about clothes .I really think that clothes are very important in our life and it has always been so. The statement that you can tell much about people from their clothes is true. When you meet a person you always judge about him from his clothes. For example, if a person is neatly dressed and wears clean clothes most probably he is tidy and diligent. . Or if see an elderly people in fashionable clothes and modern hairdo, I can say that he likes novelties and he lives way of life.
Clothes are extremely important to teenagers and young people. They care most about their looks and they don’t want to be laughed at by their peers. Some of young people like to look shocking or look very original. They want to be noticed in the crowd while wearing exceptionally, designed clothes. On the other hand there are such who prefer to be like others. Most young people like wearing casual comfortable clothes like jeans, sweaters, sports shoes.
What concerns me, I also prefer comfortable clothes but they must not out of fashion.
As we must wear uniforms at school problem “what to wear” doesn’t arrive every morning. On the other hand you can’t look original in a uniform. But for special occasions we are creative. For example, when I go to the party I put on a dress, or a suit and a pair of high-heeled shoes which go with it.
I can afford to buy expensive fashionable clothes but I don’t spend much money on them, because I think it’s not the most...