Air pollution is one of the biggest enviromental problems of xx-xxi centuries

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Over the past decade our cities and towns have become more polluted than ever and this is a trend that looks set to continue. The fact that the level of industrial and domestic pollution has risen proves it.

One major reason of air pollution is industrial pollution. What clearly needs to be done is to reduce the emission of poisonous gases, such as helium, carbon dioxide and CFCs, into the atmosphere. These gases cause acid rains, which damage the balance of nature, buildings, and historical monuments and moreover kill animals, the greenhouse effect, which may lead to a global warming with disastrous consequences, and smog not to mention the fact that these gases are really bad for human and may cause cancer or other chest diseases.

Another major reason is domestic pollution. In addition to decrease domestic pollution we must to cut off the usage of the aerosols, because they are damaging the ozone layer. What is more we need to stop usage of the oil, coal and wood in our central heating system to shorten the emission of the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Furthermore use unleaded fuel and if it is possible less use cars in the center of the city. Exhausts of the cars especially with leaded gas are very dangerous for people. It is hard to believe, but mobile phones also contribute to the damage of the ozone layer. None can forbidden you to make calls, but next time before calling think do you really need to make that call today or you will tell that...