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Advantages and disadvantages of fast food

As we all know, there are all sorts of food. Of course there are a lot of facilities where we can eat. Breakfast, supper, dinner, custom dishes and national ones, I could list them for ages, but now let’s talk about fast food.
Fast food? How can food be “fast”? Different meals take different time to be prepared. But we aren’t talking about normal dishes here. No, we’re talking about those, witch take about 45 seconds to be ready for serving.
Sometimes we want to have a quick meal, let’s say dinner, before our night shift or during a long journey, but we don’t have enough time to wait for fancy meals to be cooked or served in a normal restaurant or even at home. So then we go to a fast food restaurant. The city’s packed full of those : “McDonald’s”, “KFC”, “Burger king” etc. Fast food is a growing new business industry of the future. It’s convenient, cheap, filling and of course fast. You just find a fast food restaurant, order your meal, wait for it for a few minutes and there you have it – a nice, filling, hot, delicious meal fast and cheap. And the result? You just had a nice meal, saved your precious time and money.
But we all know that every good thing in this new age has a negative side as well as a positive one. First of all, this type of food is not so healthy as it looks like. The quantity of calories is reached thanks to chemically and biologically treated products...