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The Hong Kong SAR Government initiated Information Technology (IT) education in Hong Kong in 1997 Policy Address. It was announced that each secondary school would have an average of 82 computers for teaching various subjects. By mid 2000, the library, staff room, computer-assisted learning room or computer rooms would be linked up by a LAN (Local Area Network).
IT skills have become vital. This trend has brought far-reaching impact to our community. It has affected almost everyone -from primary school students to company directors. Teachers should familiarize themselves with using IT in teaching. They are also expected to provide IT assisted lessons to their students.
The most obvious advantage is using the Internet to enrich one's knowledge and most people enjoy browsing web sites. It is easy for teachers as well as students to collect information. They can browse through web sites to find useful information. Basically, Internet is a main source of information in the 21st century. In Hong Kong the number of Internet users has multiplied rapidly over the past few years.
Secondary, power-point can add colour to the lesson. Students can read the messages more easily. Important messages can be highlighted easily. Also a picture does not have a "cramped look". It is easier for the teacher. He does not have to bother with writing on the blackboard. Also the files can be stored easily in the hard disk and it is equally easy to be retrieved. It is convenient and...