Ad s impact to creaton of woman s image

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Research Paper of Media Theory

Kaunas, 2003

Looking at advertisement s today is a bit like walking through a carnival hall of mirrors, when the elements of our ordinary lives are magnified and exaggerated, but are still recognizable. Ad is one of marketing mix tools, which is widely used to stimulate demand and create an image of product and an image of those of those who possess this product. But the purpose of this research paper is to look at ad as a communication process and to show how image of human can be created trough this communication.
So, the object of study is a print ad.
Subject is ad’s impact in creation image of woman.
This research paper consists of four parts. In chapter 1 and 2 there is talking about the main conditions, which have to be for ad existing and the
1. The Fundamental Social and Economic Influences That Fostered Ad_s Rise
In many discussions of the evolution of ad, the process is often portrayed as having its origins in ancient times. But whatever those ancients were doing, they were not advertising, because ad exist only as mass-mediated communication. So, while cavemen and cavewomen were communicated with persuasive intent and even in a commercial context, they were not using ad.
There are four major factors, which made ad to exist:
1. The Rise of Capitalism. The tents of capitalism warrant that organizations compete for resources, called capital, in a free market environment. Part of this competition involves stimulating demand for the organization_s goods and services. One of the tools used to stimulate demand is ad.
2. The Industrial Revolution. The industrial Revolution (it began about 1750 in England) was basic force behind the rapid increase in mass - produced supply of goods that required stimulation of demand, something that ad can be very good at. So, by providing a need of ad, the Industrial Revolution was a basic influence in its emergence.
3. Manufacturer’s pursuit of power in the channel of distribution. Manufacturers had to develop brand names so that consumer could focus his attention on a clearly identified item. They began branding their products in the late 1800s. Ones a product had a brand mark and name that consumers could identify, the process of demand stimulation could take place. And the essential tool in stimulating demand of brand is ad.
4. The rise of mass communication. With the invention of the telegraph in1844, a communication revolution was set. But probably even more important in terms of ad was the rise of the mass circulation magazines. Many new...