Active voice

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Never, usually, sometimes, often, generally, every day. At this moment, just now, now. Already, ever, just, yet, lately=recently, this year, today, this week. Since, for. Period of time
Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect continuous
Present l always go to school in the morning.
She usually reads books in the evenings.
We go to Palanga every summer.
The Earth rotates on its axis. Children are singing at the moment.
My aunt is coming tomorrow.
l am going to see him tonight. l have already finished the work.
She has been to London this year.
She has lived in Kretinga since 1966. Sabonis has been playing basketball for more than 20 years.
Past He went for a walk yesterday.
He brought the book a moment ago.
We saw this film last week.
They moved to Kretinga in 1993 when I came. When l came yesterday at 8 o’clock she was reading a book. She said she had already finished the work He said Sabonis had been playing basketball for more than 20 years.
Future They will go to Klaipeda tomorrow.
( clauses of time and condition ) Tomorrow
at this moment when she comes l will be reading a book. They will have planted all the trees by the end of October He will have been playing basketball for at least 10 years more.
Future-in-the past He said they would go to Klaipeda tomorrow. He said he would be reading a book this time tomorrow. He said they would have planted all the trees by the end of October. He said he would have...