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Marius is my best friend. He is twenty - five years old and has got short, brown hair, blue eyes and a lovely, warm face.It seems like he and I are always talking or laughing about something. He has a very nice personality and a wonderful sense of humor but he can also get a little depressed from time to time. I can always count on him to be honest and to give me the best advice. We like going to the cinema but sometimes can't agree on which movie to see. Sometimes we just walk around, trying to find a new area of the city to explore. We both like traveling, reading, and swimming. Sometimes during the summer, I go with him and his family to their summer house which is located next to a large lake.The heart of my best friend is very big, sensitive and tender, though sometimes Marius tends to be rather arrogant and narcissist. However, he always apologizes if he gives umbrage to somebody

He dresses casually, usually T-shirt and jeans. He is a photographer. In his free time he listens to lyrical music, takes photographs of Lithuania countries and reading books. On of his biggest interests is photography. He has just moved into a new and big flat in the country. It’s a lot bigger than his previous flat.

The flat is in the center of town, in the twelve – storey house. Marius lives on the ten floor. It’s a new, modern flat, which has got spacious and comfortable two rooms. There are a big kitchen, bathroom. There...