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One of the smallest dinosaurs known, Compsognathus grew only about as large as a chicken, but with a length of about 60–90 cm (2–3 feet), including the long tail, and a weight of about 5.5 kg (12 pounds). A swift runner, it was lightly built and had a long neck and tail, strong hind… The Compsognathus is the smallest dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. It only ran on its two back legs. Its shape allows it to run fast and swiftly. This can help it to run from all the predators. Its top speed was twetny-five miles per hour.
It was the size of a chicken. It was only two and a half feet long including the tail. its height was only one foot tall. It weighed only ten pounds. Seeing how it runs so fast because it only weighed so little, which made a lot easier to run from predators.
It's pointed head which was only three inches long was the smallest part of its whole body. The tail was longer than the head, neck, and body put together. It had sharp big teeth that were found in its fossil skull. The compsognathus really needed sharp teeth because his head was probabaly the size of your palm, so it's sharp teeth helped it a lot to chew and eat.
It had no fur, which was really good for him because the air was hot, if it had fur it could die by being overheated. It was a cold blooded animal, that needed to be more warmed up because it allows it to move around more. If the air was to be cold it would make it hard for him to run fast, and if it could not...