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Pieno zvaigzdes referatas. Pieno zvaigzdes referatas. Ab pieno zvaigzdes referatas. Ab pieno zvaigzdes referatas.

Company AB "Pieno žvaigždės", founded in 1998, is the biggest and the most modern milk-processing company in the Baltic states.
At present it unites the following milk - processing companies: Mažeikiai dairy, Kaunas dairy, Pasvalys cheese-making plant and runs the company AB "Panevėžio pienas".
Not only do we try to manufacture fresh, healthy and good products, but we also support the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. We help our sportsmen and sportswomen to achieve their victories. Moreover, we take part in ecology projects, promoting utilization of the used packaging which is useful to people and does not harm nature.
The vision of this company is to become a modern manufacturing and management company that holds strong positions in the Baltic market and receives permanent and long-term profit.
The mission of this company is to manufacture only the highest quality dairy products that are free of preservatives and that would guarantee healthy nutrition and, at the same time, would make the food preparation process much easier.
The slogan of the company is "Dairy products for healthy life"!
The company "Pieno žvaigždės" is one of the biggest food manufacturers in the Baltic countries. In the local market, the company is known for its dairy products: milk, fermented milk, butter, and cream, various types of curd, yogurts, milk deserts and enzyme cheese.
The major share of the exported products is comprised of semi-dry enzyme cheese, butter, dry separated milk and whey milk powder. At present, the greatest amount of products is being exported to the European Union and Baltic countries, Russia, CIS, Japan and the USA.
At present companies under the company "Pieno žvaigždės" manufacture products of more than 500 different names. With regard to the European tendencies and the ever changing needs of customers we constantly renew our product range and offer our customers new products every year. Companies are constantly modernised and the latest technologies, the most modern manufacturing and packaging equipment, quality laboratories are being installed. In order to deliver the products made to supermarkets and consumers in the shortest time, systems of product ordering, transportation and storage are under constant modernisation.
In the year 2002, the company and separate companies running under the company were granted ISO quality certificates. Therefore, we are obliged to work efficiently, guaranteeing the high quality of the products manufactured.
As the company "Pieno žvaigždės" is constantly introducing new products, it is often called the "dairy fashion dictator". In the markets of Lithuania, Baltic countries and Russia the following trademarks are popular and favoured: DVARAS (the...