A cold

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A Cold

The most typical seasonal disease in Lithuania is a cold. Every winter lots of people get ill with cold. It is a terrible disease, when you are sneezing, having running nose, headache and sore throat, so no one wants to catch it. There is no vaccine for a cold that means we cannot go to a doctor and have a vaccination. So in order to stay healthy we must use a lot of vitamins and minerals, that fortifies our immunity, especially in winter, when outside is cold weather and most of our time we spend in doors, that means cold virus can spread more easily.
When I have a cold I lay in bed, drink a lot of liquids and try not to contact with other people, that the virus have not a chance to spread.
I think when you are having a cold it is better to stay at home for some days, than to go on with everyday activities, because only then you will not let the virus to...